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Hen Night Parties

Exclusively from Symmetrical, we present to you the Hen Night Parties of your life!

Exclusively from Symmetrical, we present to you the Hen Night Parties of your life!
Would you like to live some special moments before your wedding? An unforgettable night, different than all the hen parties that you have been in your life! At Symmetrical, we undertake everything for this special night for you and your friends.
The price per person includes the following:
  • 3-course food of your choice (choose from meat, Chinese or sushi)
  • Drinks of your choice (e.g. 1 bottle of whisky or Vodka per 4 people)
  • Soft Drinks and Juices
  • Finger food and small snacks
  • The whole spa at your disposal (massage with Massada Products, jacuzzi, sauna)
  • Music of your choice (you can bring your own music along)
  • Personal Massager
  • Diverse fragnances for your personal sauna infusion
  • A relaxing atmosphere with candles
Optional Extras (please ask us for pricing):
  • Limousine to pick you up
  • Belly Dancers
  • Cake for the bride
  • Present for the bride
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I choose Symmetrical for my Hen Party?
Firstly, it is different than the traditional hen parties. It is private. You have a whole professional spa and its facilities at your disposal. You can choose your own music, your own food and your own surprises! Why choose us for your hen party? Simply because you will have a night you will never forget!
How do I know that I will like the facilities and the environment?
We have invested heavily to make sure that our facilities are of top quality. We are sure that you will love the environment we have created. We have ample space for drinking, dancing and having a great time!
What kind of food can we have?
For your hen night, we have a selection of full menu courses from meat courses, fish courses, chinese food or sushi. But, since the night belongs to you, if you don't like any of our choices, you can tell us from where you like to order and we can arrange this for you. Please note that there may be extra charges for certain types of food that you choose that is outside of our preset choices.
What kind of music can we have?
The music will play through our central music facilities. You can tell us what music you like to play for you or you can bring your own music along! Remember, the night is yours. Anything you want to have, you can have it.
What are the payment terms?
The payment is done upfront. It includes the price per person and the cost for any extras that you order. All pricing is announced to you. We promise that we will give you the best pricing on any extras that you choose to have.

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